CBD Lollipops are BACK!

Funny story…
Initially I hadn’t planned on carrying any CBD Edibles besides the tinctures I offer. Here’s the story:
I was teamed up with an awesome hemp farm (Hammer Enterprises IS) that is truly vertically integrated and provides everything from CBD hemp seeds and clones to fully finished products.
I had connected with a fellow Badass Bodyworker (a phenomenal networking group for independent massage therapists and body workers) at Rescue Me Massage and we worked on hashing out a plan for how she could launch her own CBD brand Rescue Me CBD with tinctures & lollies.
I had toyed with the idea of including lollipops in my product line but I knew I would get a lot of backlash “targeting kids”.
People need a lot of education on CBD because the parental concerns were that a kid may get high mistakenly.
As many of you who follow my IG account know, the CBD I offer is all from isolate. There is no detectable THC in any of my products. It will not get you high.
A majority of my customers rely on my products as natural medicine & offering a candy can tend to blur the lines – making It less medicinal/natural due to sugar content & coloring. Typically, I am not a huge fan of edible CBD because of the low bioavailability. Lollipops & other edibles you suck on (think hard candies) are an exception due to the CBD being exposed to your mucous membranes for a longer period of time & going more directly into the bloodstream, bypassing secondary digestion (like tinctures) boosting the bioavailability from 6-9% to 35-45%. More bang for your buck!
I asked a few business owners what their thoughts were about bringing on CBD lollies & although their thoughts varied due to the reasons I mentioned above, a majority of them were excited to try the new product!
…long story short, When unfortunate circumstances happened and Rescue Me CBD- due to individual state laws having their own qualifications/regulations for CBD products vary, they were unable to sell any of the CBD lollipops that were purchased- so I/Herb ‘N Oil bought them. It ended up being a win-win!!

Strawberry and Cherry Flavors Available!

The best part? They help.

I have gotten incredible feedback- especially from those who struggle with anxiety and depression.

It makes my heart so happy to hear all the positive results people are getting! Especially during these tough times when anxiety is that an all-time high.

Need some lollies? Call/text 208.215.5256 or reach out to any of our retailers.

Gut Health & CBD

I had a really great question yesterday! I imagine there are many more people with questions about how CBD affects different systems of the body. If you have any questions, ask away! Just post them in the comments section and it may become my next blog post!

“I was wondering if CBD is good or bad for gut flora”

What a great question. I know that as research continues to define the connection between the brain & gut axis, Western Medicine is finally supporting the idea that food=fuel and that the quality of food we eat not only supports energy levels and weight, but can also be the key to preventing and (dare I say) curing diseases.

This also means the opposite is true. Low quality foods can cause disease as well. We hear about it everyday.

Heart disease.


Tooth decay.


The list goes on.

These are not even the diseases that are caused by inflammation- which can be triggered by foods as well.

Gut inflammation has been linked to many serious issues including seizures, anxiety, autism, eczema and more.

You may be wondering “How would CBD fit in with all this?”

It reduces inflammation in the intestines and helps balance out the microbiome within the gut.

What is a microbiome you might ask?

It is the relationship between a micro-organism and the body part that it lives- in this case, bacterias within the digestive system.

Within the gut we need bacteria to help break down the food that we eat so the nutrients are properly absorbed in our bodies.

As we know, some bacteria is “good” and some bacteria is “bad”. There are substances molecules or chemicals that feed bacteria and other substances that kill bacteria.

Most of us are familiar with the way antibiotics kill bacteria. Many antibiotics are designed to kill specific strains of bacteria but others are more broad spectrum and powerful and can unintentionally kill good bacteria along with the bad.

This is why it is important to be aware of what we eat. Things we eat can either promote good bacterial growth or can suppress it (through the inflammatory process).

Prebiotics and probiotics are natural ways we can help balance out our gut microbiomes by promoting the growth of good bacterias (prebiotics) and introducing more good bacterias (probiotics) into our system- thus, increasing nutrient absorption and preventing disease! Because of the

Additionally, when you take prebiotics, It is shown to increase the number of cannabinoid receptors in our digestive systems which improves the ability of CBD to control both the healthy and unhealthy bacterial growth.

So CBD can help in 2 ways:

1) reducing overall inflammation

2) helping control bacterial growth within the digestive system

There are many reasons the CBD supports good health and this is only one of them. To buy quality CBD products, find Herb ‘N Oil at one of our exclusive retailers or text FREESHIP to 208.215.5256 to order (we’ll send you a menu) and have it shipped to you for free (US only).

Here is another great blog that goes into more detail about the science behind it.

If you have questions about CBD, ask away!

Why didn’t CBD work for me?

(Bear with me. This is going to be a bit long…)
Let me preface this by saying that not any one thing will help everyone BECAUSE we are all unique- from likes & dislikes, to experiences and traumas right down to our DNA and body composition. Because of this, our body also has one of a kind deficiencies and excesses, chemical balance and responses to various stimuli.
This is why some people thrive as vegetarians and others don’t.
This is why some people are more prone latch on to addictive substances.
This is why some people are naturally morning people and others are night owls.

CBD is also not one size fits all. Nor is all CBD created equally. For brevity, I am going to discuss 3 main reasons that CBD may not have worked for you and why you should give it another chance.
(At some point I will be doing a video series where I can go more in-depth on this subject)
Where did you buy the CBD from? Was it a gas station? Amazon? A supplement store? A cafe?
At the moment, CBD is unregulated which comes with both pros and cons. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies jumping in the CBD Market that are not putting any CBD in their products! this may or may not be intentional. It could be that they are just uneducated in the subject and don’t realize that hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil. In fact, Amazon does not allow CBD products to be sold from their website. (But there are a lot of CBD products on Amazon!!) Unfortunately, these products only contain hempseed oil (which is great to use in cooking & salads and are rich in Omega 3 6 and 9- but DOESN’T contain Cannabidiol (CBD). Check the label. Look up their lab test results. Get it tested if you plan on using it regularly and are not sure about the brand’s reliability. Almost half of all CBD tinctures (sold both online and retail) randomly tested by an independent third-party lab contained less than half the amount of CBD stated on the bottle. Some contained none at all.
If you have never used cannabis products before, it typically takes three to seven days of daily CBD use to “wake” the endocannabinoid system up and to really begin feeling the benefits. Many people who try it get discouraged after taking it for one or two days and not feeling anything. (It’s like putting a puzzle together and only getting the edges done then giving up because you don’t see the picture yet.) When used daily at the right dose for you, you can really feel the benefits such as deeper, more restful sleep, less total body inflammation, lower anxiety levels and more!
3️⃣Dosage & Method
There are a variety of ways to take/use CBD. When used topically, a high-quality topical will absorb deep into your muscles- providing relief to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. UNFORTUNATELY, topicals won’t help seizures, panic attacks, or other more systemic conditions. When taken internally at the proper dosage, CBD can provide relief for many more conditions (but you risk medication interactions- feel free to contact me for specifics on this). Each method has its own absorption rate. When you take a 25 mg softgel of CBD it is NOT the same dose as taking 25 mg of tincture. (Will do a video on this as well). www.cbddosagecalculator.com can help you find the right dose for you and your condition (or supplement/general wellness).
If you feel like you want to try CBD again, contact me. Share this with anyone who needs this information or might be interested! Feel free to ask questions below- there are no stupid questions!!

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