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Our Philosophy

At Herb ‘N Oil, we aim to provide research backed education, clear up common misconceptions, provide high quality CBD products and spread awareness about the wonderful opportunities presented in the cannabis (and especially hemp) industry.We believe that although CBD can benefit most people and has the capability to improve quality of life, we also believe that it is important to consult your doctor, naturopath and/or other healthcare providers when experiencing serious symptoms. It is also important to talk to your healthcare provider when adding CBD to your health care routine especially when you are already on other medications. Click here for links on possible medication interactions.

Our Ingredients

Herb N’Oil uses only nut, gluten, sulfate, & paraben free ingredients and organic whenever possible. All CBD products are made from USDA Certified Organic Hemp- grown in Colorado. When tested, THC content was non-detectable- way below the .3% standard. Lab tests are always available upon request. Essential oils and carrier oils used are chosen for their quality (sourced ethically, grown only in a region that it will thrive & is safely harvested), testing, and specific health enhancing properties.

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Email questions, event opportunities, inquire about wholesale info, become a retailer or for a consultation at herbnoil.cda@gmail.com

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