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We strive to create products that are thoughtfully sourced, holistic in nature and handcrafted for quality.

Misty Lake ~Founder of Herb ‘N Oil

Our products and CBD Source

All our CBD Products are sourced from a USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm in Colorado. Lab tests can be seen HERE. They are handmade with love in beautiful Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.


Currently, Idaho (where Herb ‘N Oil produces most of their products) state law only permits the sale of THC Free CBD products. Because of this, we have chosen to only use clean CO2 extracted, CBD Isolate. Its purity and lack of minor cannabinoids will prevent a positive drug test (unlike many broad spectrum products) making it a easy choice for employees (with workplace testing), athletes, sobriety champs, people on parole/probation and anyone who gets regular drug testing.

We believe that although CBD can benefit most people and has the capability to improve quality of life, we also think that it is important to consult your doctor, naturopath and/or other healthcare providers when experiencing serious symptoms. It is also important to talk to your healthcare provider when adding CBD to your health care routine especially when you are already on other medications. Click here for links on possible medication interactions. Topicals can be safely used without risking medication interactions.

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