CBD Lollipops are BACK!

Funny story…
Initially I hadn’t planned on carrying any CBD Edibles besides the tinctures I offer. Here’s the story:
I was teamed up with an awesome hemp farm (Hammer Enterprises IS) that is truly vertically integrated and provides everything from CBD hemp seeds and clones to fully finished products.
I had connected with a fellow Badass Bodyworker (a phenomenal networking group for independent massage therapists and body workers) at Rescue Me Massage and we worked on hashing out a plan for how she could launch her own CBD brand Rescue Me CBD with tinctures & lollies.
I had toyed with the idea of including lollipops in my product line but I knew I would get a lot of backlash “targeting kids”.
People need a lot of education on CBD because the parental concerns were that a kid may get high mistakenly.
As many of you who follow my IG account know, the CBD I offer is all from isolate. There is no detectable THC in any of my products. It will not get you high.
A majority of my customers rely on my products as natural medicine & offering a candy can tend to blur the lines – making It less medicinal/natural due to sugar content & coloring. Typically, I am not a huge fan of edible CBD because of the low bioavailability. Lollipops & other edibles you suck on (think hard candies) are an exception due to the CBD being exposed to your mucous membranes for a longer period of time & going more directly into the bloodstream, bypassing secondary digestion (like tinctures) boosting the bioavailability from 6-9% to 35-45%. More bang for your buck!
I asked a few business owners what their thoughts were about bringing on CBD lollies & although their thoughts varied due to the reasons I mentioned above, a majority of them were excited to try the new product!
…long story short, When unfortunate circumstances happened and Rescue Me CBD- due to individual state laws having their own qualifications/regulations for CBD products vary, they were unable to sell any of the CBD lollipops that were purchased- so I/Herb ‘N Oil bought them. It ended up being a win-win!!

Strawberry and Cherry Flavors Available!

The best part? They help.

I have gotten incredible feedback- especially from those who struggle with anxiety and depression.

It makes my heart so happy to hear all the positive results people are getting! Especially during these tough times when anxiety is that an all-time high.

Need some lollies? Call/text 208.215.5256 or reach out to any of our retailers.

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