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Hi, I’m Misty Lake, Founder of Herb ‘N Oil from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. I’m a devoted wife and a mom of two + a Pitbull. My passion for plants, natural health, and serving others has organically emerged into a growing presence in the Cannabis space.

Since 2014, I’ve had a relentless desire for finding high quality, clean, effective & sustainable CBD goods. Like many others who are in this incredible industry, my journey started when a family member was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Once his western medicine options had all been exhausted, he turned to me for advice on Cannabis Medicine. Although I had contacts & connections in the field, I didn’t yet have enough knowledge about the industry to help. With the guidance of several colleagues, we were able to provide him with the medicine he so desperately needed. I am thrilled to say that he is still with us today, over 7 years later at the ripe age of 91. Since then I have been blessed to experience the healing power of cannabis and am lucky enough to hear countless testimonies of it changing and saving lives!

So I made it my mission to learn- which led me down a rabbit hole that consisted of years of reading, researching and connecting to cannabis experts and worldwide scientific publications. Several years ago, during my first cannabis conference I had the opportunity to meet many world famous thought leaders and educators- who were always shocked by my presence (a WOMAN from IDAHO in the HEMP INDUSTRY?!?!) I was the first one they had met and had playfully nicknamed me the “Idaho Hempress”.

My thirst for knowledge only expanded as the 2018 Farm Bill reopened the legal hemp market and allowed better access to obtaining lab testing and more innovation within the industry. When sourcing CBD products for family, friends and my medical massage clients who struggled with chronic pain and other health issues, I became frustrated by the lack of quality and consistency of many brands out in the market and was determined to change this.

Because of my prior experience studying herbs and aromatherapy as well as making my own massage oils & creams, I was driven to create a brand of hemp derived wellness products you can trust for your entire family. We provide retailers with a CBD line that suits the needs of both young & gracefully ageing. One that is compliant & effective with high QUALITY, thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

The rapidly evolving Cannabis industry is not a trend- it is just evolving. There is a stigma & lack of current information & education revolving around the types, purpose, and use of CBD oil. People like you want to know what CBD is and if it can actually help. Most people don’t know how much to take in order to be effective, or if they would benefit more from a full spectrum or isolate based product. I cover these topics and more in this blog. Or you can reach out to me for a class, public speaking event or to be a guest on your podcast.

We manufacture & educate. We support farmers. Families. Small businesses. Veterans & minorities. Lets make high quality CBD accessible while educating our consumers.

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