CBD Creams

Herb 'N Oil Water Cream, 2 oz jar, 300 mg CBD, THC Free,

Water Cream

Cool & camphorous blend is fresh & energizing. It is popular with the weekend warrior crowd & athletes alike to combat muscle fatigue, spasms, fungal infections & soothe chest congestion. Feels wonderful after a hard workout or as a cooling after-sun skin soother. Every gym & beach bag should have one in it. 300 mg CBD & essential oils in a convenient, TSA friendly 2 oz. jar.

Not intended for use with pets or children under age 6 or during pregnancy.

Herb 'N Oil Fire Cream with background flames.
Fire Cream

Hints of cinnamon & clove make this spicy & indulgent cream a favorite amongst those with chronic pain & joint discomfort. It boasts a powerful anti-inflammatory blend of 500 mg CBD & other active therapeutic ingredients including ginger, turmeric & black pepper in a generous 4 oz. jar.

Not intended for use with pets or children under age 6. Pregnancy safe.

Herb 'N Oil Earth Cream, THC Free, 300 mg CBD, THC Free, 2 oz jar
Earth Cream

Calming cedarwood, sage, & ylang ylang are perfect for melting tension & balancing mood. Have a hard time relaxing & just letting go? You’ll love it. Rub a little on your temples & neck & feel your stress just fade away. Popular for headaches, menstrual cramps, PMS & lower back pain. 300 mg CBD- purse sized 2 oz. jar.

Not intended for use with pets or children under age 6 or during pregnancy.

Air Cream

Our most versatile formula yet! X-strength, unscented Arnica & Magnesium eases the most stubborn aches, pains & skin issues, but gentle enough to use as a night cream, on sensitive skin, babies, even on pets! This is our only cream designed to combat irritants such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, bites & acne. 1000 mg CBD, 4 oz.

Pregnancy safe.

Herb 'N Oil Air Cream, 1000 mg CBD, THC Free,4 oz jar, 500 mg CBD, Arnica and magnesium, for sensitive skin
Air Cream is a versatile cream that is safe for the whole family.
Dog at pet store with owner
Air Cream is even pet safe!
Why our creams are different.

We strive to provide the highest quality products that are safe for the whole family. (Yep. Even 4 legged family.)

Herb ‘N Oil uses only nut-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free & organic ingredients whenever possible.

We only use ethically sourced essential oils & carrier oils that are chosen for their quality, testing & specific health enhancing properties. 

All CBD products are made from Organic Hemp- grown in the USA. When tested, THC content was non-detectable (ND)- way below the .3% standard for hemp. Packaging is BPA free. Please reuse or recycle.

Aloe & Frankincense are both known to help reduce stretch marks-
both of which are found in Air and Fire Creams.
Water cream is ideal for post-workout or sports massage.
Fire Cream can provide quick, targeted relief for overused muscles and joints.
Add some zen to your self care routine with Earth Cream.

Health. Quality. Sustainability. Results.


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