Why Didn’t CBD Work for Me?

Lack of guidance creates confusion.

Have you heard the hype about CBD oil and figured you’d give it a shot, just to see what its all about- only to not notice any difference whatsoever? You’re not alone.

Let me preface this by saying that not any one thing will help everyone BECAUSE we are all unique- from likes & dislikes, to experiences and traumas right down to our DNA and body composition. Because of this, our body also has one of a kind deficiencies and excesses, chemical balance and responses to various stimuli.

This is why some people thrive as vegetarians and others don’t.

This is why some people are more prone to latch on to addictive substances.

This is why some people are naturally morning people and others are night owls.

CBD is also not one size fits all. Nor is all CBD created equally. For brevity, I am going to discuss 3 main reasons that CBD may not have worked for you and why you should give it another chance.


Where did you buy the CBD from? Was it a gas station? Amazon? A supplement store? A cafe?

At the moment, CBD is unregulated which comes with both pros and cons. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies jumping in the CBD Market that are not putting any CBD in their products! This may or may not be intentional. It could be that they are just uneducated in the subject and don’t realize that hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil.

In fact, Amazon does not allow CBD products to be sold from their website, but there have been a lot of CBD products on Amazon for years!! Unfortunately, a large majority of these products only contain hemp seed oil (which is great to use in cooking & salads and are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9- but DOESN’T contain Cannabidiol (CBD). There are a handful of products on there that DO contain CBD, but it is because they have found labeling and marketing loopholes that misrepresent their products, as to not get caught by the “Amazon authorities” Check the label. Look up their lab test results. Get it tested if you plan on using it regularly and are not sure about the brand’s reliability. Almost half of all CBD tinctures (sold both online and retail) randomly tested by an independent third-party lab contained less than half the amount of CBD stated on the bottle. Some contained none at all.


If you have never used cannabis products before, it typically takes three to seven days of daily CBD use to “wake” the endocannabinoid system up and to really begin feeling the benefits. Many people who try it get discouraged after taking it for one or two days and not feeling anything. (It’s like putting a puzzle together and only getting the edges done then giving up because you don’t see the picture yet.) When used daily at the right dose for you, you can really feel the benefits such as deeper, more restful sleep, less total body inflammation, lower anxiety levels and more!

3️⃣Dosage & Method

There are a variety of ways to take/use CBD. When used topically, a high-quality topical will absorb deep into your muscles- providing relief to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. UNFORTUNATELY, topicals won’t help seizures, panic attacks, or other more systemic conditions. When taken internally at the proper dosage, CBD can provide relief for many more conditions (but you risk medication interactions- feel free to contact me for specifics on this). Each method has its own absorption rate. When you take a 25 mg softgel of CBD it is NOT the same dose as taking 25 mg of tincture. (Will do a video on this as well). www.cbddosagecalculator.com can help you find the right dose for you and your condition (or supplement/general wellness).

If you feel like you want to try CBD again, Click here. Share this with anyone who needs this information or might be interested! Feel free to ask questions below- there are no stupid questions!!

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