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Raw- Broad Spectrum with CBDa



CBDa is the precursor to CBD…the RAW form, before heat has been applied to “activate” it. Formerly thought of as an inactive compound, more recent research have proven the opposite to be true. This (broad spectrum) blend provides the entourage effect- allowing smaller doses to make a bigger impact on everything from pain & inflammation to sleep & anxiety. Studies have also shown improvement for certain cancers & antibiotic resistant conditions. Safe for pets too.


This sought after whole plant strain is high in rare cannabinoids CBDa, CBG, CBGa, but also has CBD & CBN & soothing terpenes that will NOT get you high. Research shows the potency to be far superior to its CBD only counterpart & shows promise for mood & anxiety, quicker recovery time & boosted autoimmune function. Can be used both internally and externally. 750 mg organic hemp extract. THC Free.

Find your dose:

Broad Spectrum Blend CBDa+CBD+CBGa+CBG+CBN
Organic MCT Coconut Oil, (THC Free) Organic Hemp Extract (Cannabinoid rich, terpene rich).


To use internally- Best used daily & within 30 min. of eating. Hold desired amount under tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow for maximum potency (sublingual absorption has 35-45% bioavailability). Can also be added to foods or beverages (6-9% bioavailability- just like pills, gummies, and other edibles) so adjust the amounts accordingly.

To use externally- Can be applied as a spot treatment directly to desired area (wound, pimple, rash, scrape) or be added to your favorite massage oil or bath oil, salt soaks, the possibilities are endless!